• Christina Okechukwu, Graduate Student Intern

    Christina Okechukwu is a counseling student at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU), pursuing a Master of Art degree in Professional Counseling. Upon graduation in December 2021, her goal is to become a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas. Christina earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science. She completed her Practicum at the SFASU Counseling Clinic where she provided counseling services to adults in the community including college students and couples. Through this practicum, she gained experience working with issues of depression, anxiety, self-esteem, communication, time management, and stress management. She is open to working with children, young adults, older adults, families, and couples. In addition, Christina is certified to administer Psychological First Aid and QPR. She is also a student member in good standing with the Texas Counseling Association.

    Christina utilizes a cognitive-behavioral approach to help clients identify negative thought patterns, challenge those thoughts, and replace those thoughts with alternative thoughts. Christina believes that our physical, emotional and behavioral reactions to life’s stressors are impacted by how we perceive those events and situations. She also utilizes a person-centered approach, exhibiting empathy and non-judgment to facilitate a safe and trusting therapeutic environment that enables clients to open up. Overall, she hopes that her clients are empowered to take steps to achieving their unique goals for therapy.

    Christina is practicing under the supervision of Brianna W. Roberts, M.A., LPC of the Kimberly Boyd Counseling Center. The contact person for her school program is Leigh T. Kirby, Ph.D., LPC and her email is leigh.kirby@sfasu.edu​.